Business Insurance



The 'Switched On Broker' makes finding commercial insurance easy


Lovat Energy Savers partner with RightPlanTaylor Francis who deal with the UK’s top insurance companies and have over 80 different insurers to call upon in order to find the best solutions for our clients.



Insurance Brokers Specialist Areas Shops and Offices Restaurants and Takeaways Hotels and B&Bs Working from Home Pubs and Clubs



“Our mission is to help Protect SMEs, Directors, families, employees, stakeholders, and shreholders by understanding your business challenges; making them aware of their options; providing expert and impartial advice; and delivering a service which is second-to-none.

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Free Business Protection Healthcheck through our specialist partners. Typically, on life cover alone you can save between 30% and49% on your premiums and when that is calculated over a ten or twenty year term this could run into you saving thousands. Its "free advice", there is no obligation and we are able to help in approximately 90% of cases.


The Service - How will it Works


Phase 1


• You provide us with some basic information about your current insurance policy and the date the cover expires
• We introduce you to our commercial insurance partner
• They listen to you as you explain how your business operates
• They assess your current cover and identify any gaps
• They utilise their market position to ensure that you get the best possible cover at the lowest price


Phase 2

• They provide you with the relevant quotations and provide costings.

• Your will need to review protection before policies are written.

• Review biennially for most business's against company progress/risk and any market developments to ensre approriate protection is maintained. 


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