Lovat Energy Savers - 'The Switched on Broker' are independent commercial utility brokers that are dedicated to finding your home and business the best value deals from the UK utility service providers, including Octopus Energy, Bulb Energy, Citizens Advice and Theenergyshop.com

Home Energy Comparision


You can use our price comparison tool to compare prices from different energy suppliers.

You’ll need the name of your supplier and tariff - this will be on your energy bill.

You can get a more accurate quote if you know your annual consumption - this is the amount of gas or electricity you've used over the last year, measured in kilowatt-hours (kwh). Find this on your annual statement if you have one.

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Compare Home Energy Prices from all providers
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We search for the cheapest gas and electricity prices for your business selected from nearly 30 energy providers.

Instant Business Energy Contracts

Lovat Energy Savers provides professional utility brokering services for homes and business across the UK.​

We take our corporate responsibility very seriously and the products and systems in which we recommend to our clients have to create as minimum impact to the environment as possible.


Our mission has not changed since our inception over a decade ago – To assist and support our customers using our expertise and knowledge within the energy industry. By Implementing Impartial and proactive utility solutions, we aim to not only maintain being a preferred partner for energy procurement, management, efficiency and cost control, we thrive to continue to meet our clients’ requirements.


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